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The strategic approach of Neodecortech is confirmed by the daily action at all levels, by all the roles and business functions, in line with the path that the company has undertaken since 2005 and that led to the acquisition of certifications designed to offer its partners a tangible evidence of the engagement, the transparency and the fairness that characterize its activities.

Neodecortech certifications were all taken up voluntarily and they are internationally recognized.


Neodecortech S.p.A. only Certification system realized by the Institute for the Protection of Italian Manufacturers, that guarantees the Italian original quality of the products. To obtain this certification, the products must be manufactured entirely in Italy, made of Italian semi-products, made of high-choice and high quality natural materials, realized with Company designs and exclusive projects and constructed using typical traditional Italian workmanship.


FSC® Chain Of Custody

FSC C103730

FSC® is a forest certification system that identifies the products containing wood that comes from responsability-managed forests, the cellulose is obtained from wood to produce the paper. Chain of Custody certification guarantees that FSC® certified paper is labelled and stored separately from the non-certified ones, so as to make the final product traceable.



It is a certification related to Quality management systems; a guideline that defines the requirements for the implementation of a management system, to conduct company processes on a path of continuous improvement and efficiency in product creation as well as in increasing customer satisfaction.


UNI EN ISO 14001

It is a certifiable standard that gathers requirements, principles and supporting techniques to the environmental management system. Its goal is to implement, maintain and improve the system of control of environmental impacts that company activity determined. As it requires the Company to improve constantly its performance, it is a commitment to continuous improvement on the environmental issue.


UNI ISO 45001

UNI ISO 45001:2018 is an occupational health and safety management system that ensures a level of control that goes beyond the law requirements. OH SAS certification enables mapping and monitoring systematization of all possible risks related to normal and extraordinary activities at the Company workplace. It integrates with standard 14001.


UNI EN ISO 50001

UNI CEI EN ISO 50001 is a regulation related to “Energy management systems – Requirements with guidance for use”. It is the Italian official version of the international regulation ISO 50001. The regulation specifies the requirements for the creation, launch, maintenance and improvement of an efficient and effective energy management system.



for Texte only

The Directive 2014/90/EU requires the certification of some marine equipment and sets out the basic requirements for manufacturers and products. This conformity assessment procedure applies to the design and production phases.


FSC® policy

This is the document in which the Directorate declares a long-term commitment to forest management procedures in line with FSC® Principles and Criteria and the related Standards and Policies.


QASE policy

These are the objectives and general guidelines of the company formally indicated by the Management and based on: - the raison d’être of the company (Mission) - the company’s long-term challenges (Vision) - the medium-term objectives (that must be precise, measurable, acceptable, result-oriented, timed) - the operational strategies


Energy from renewable sources Certificate

A2A Energia S.p.A. issues the certificate assuring that the electricity purchased by the company is from renewable sources guaranteed by certificates of origin.


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