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Risk Management

As part of the Corporate Governance system, the Neodecortech Group follows a risk management model that draws inspiration from relevant national and international practices closely integrated with the process of defining strategies and their implementation in business plans. Specifically, the organizational roles involved in the corporate risk management process are the following:

The Board of Directors

Tasked with defining the nature and level of risk consistent with the strategic targets, with a view to medium/long-term sustainability;

The Risk Control Committee

Tasked with supporting the Board of Directors on internal control and risk management issues;

The Executive Director

With responsibility for the Internal Control and Risk Management System, tasked with identifying the main corporate risks, implementing the Board of Directors’ instructions on risk management and assessing their adequacy;

Risk Management

Tasked with ensuring, together with Management, that the main risks involving Neodecortech and its subsidiaries are correctly identified and monitored in the running of business;

Internal Audit

Tasked with monitoring the operation of the risk assessment and management process, using the process as a reference for setting up the internal control system according to a principle of consistency between risks and controls.

In Neodecortech’s organizational model, Risk Management, in close liaison with the other company units at headquarters and subsidiary company level, ensures the dissemination of methodologies, metrics and tools for the correct analysis and management of risks, in order to guarantee the creation and protection of the value of projects and preserving Company value, business operations and stakeholders’ interests over time.

Neodecortech’s risk management:

– Seamlessly embraces the entire organization in the areas of Corporate Risks;
– Is supported by Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) processes;
– Is divided into the Identification, Evaluation, Treatment and Monitoring phases of risks and related response plans.

The first-level risk families identified by Neodecortech based on the risk management policy are the following:

Strategy and Market

Represents the risk factors related to context and competitive positioning;

Governance and Organization

Represents the risk factors related to the Company’s organizational structure;

Human resources

Represents the risk factors arising from the Company’s structure and available resources, both human and physical;


Represents the risk factors arising from the need to fully comply with regulatory and market obligations related to the status of listed company;


Represents the risk factors associated with the preparation and disclosure of financial information, together with those associated with the achievement of the targets of reliability, accuracy, completeness and timeliness of information itself;


Represents the risk factors related to the typical process of business, design, manufacturing and distribution;

Information Technology

Represents the risk factors related to the IT infrastructure management process;

Environmental, Health and Safety

Represents the risk factors related to the process of managing environmental and occupational health and safety issues.