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“Providing the interior design industry with high-end products enriched by a distinctive Italian flair” is the mission of Neodecortech, a 100% ‘Made in Italy’ company assembling three entities, different but integrated in the same production chain.

Confalonieri, Texte, Plana


Three commercial brands for a single and strong fully Italian entity. Confalonieri, Texte and Plana: Neodecortech brands form a diversified and complete commercial offer, enriched by a typical Italian style.

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Cartiere di Guarcino


Established in 1990, Cartiere di Guarcino has specialized since its onset in the production of decorative paper for high (laminates) and low (melamine panels) pressure and for the flooring industry. The offices in Latium employ 170 people and stretch over an area of 144.000 m2, of which 21.000 covered, producing 50.000 tons of paper per year. The product range includes Unicolour, Backer, Print Base and Underlay papers. A firm commitment towards innovation and sustainability underlies the clear decisions taken in this regard, such as the synergy with BEG, the cogeneration plant that produces electrical and thermal energy as explained earlier or the virtuous management of water, which represents 95% of raw materials used: drawn from the River Cosa, close to the Guarcino site, the spring water is used several times for different production processes, purified, filtered and put back into the same waterway. Additionally, the preparation of ad-hoc processes allows the waste that is not retained by the forming fabric to be put back into the production cycles of, for instance, backer papers.

Cartiere di Guarcino Website

BEG, Bio Energia Guarcino


BEG, the acronym for Bio Energia Guarcino, is the cogeneration plant set up in 2006 to self-produce the electrical and thermal energy needed by Cartiere di Guarcino. The aim is to comply with the most stringent environmental sustainability criteria using alternative energy sources only. At the heart of the process are the 3 bioliquid-powered engines which, since 2017, in a circular economy perspective, have been powered solely with animal by-products produced in the national supply chain. The plant is able to satisfy 100% of the paper mill’s power requirements, with around 60% saved in electricity costs, thanks to a private distribution system named SSPC (Simple Production and Consumption System) SEE-SEU. Additionally, the plant provides heat, meeting about 50% of the paper mill’s needs a cost that is more affordable than steam generated by natural gas purchased from third parties. This means no fossil fuels, a reduction in CO2 emissions into the atmosphere, and a huge contribution to protecting the environment.

BEG Website

Electrical power engines + alternators 6.865 kW

Installed power 20 MW

Steam 9 ton/h

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