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Human resource

People are the engine of Neodecortech, an essential good. We strive to improve the performance and engagement of our employees and ensure that they are treated with respect and fairness. People are our most important resource, the real competitive factor; with them we share the values that guide our daily commitment: trust, innovation, responsibility.

The Group Companies are required to comply with the current regulations and the relevant CCNL, to use the guidelines set out in the Code of Ethics and to refer to internal rules and regulations on the safety and health protection of the worker.

Diversity and equal opportunities

Neodecortech’s commitment to the development of a work environment based on equity and the protection of diversity has been formalized in a special Policy on Diversity and Inclusion. This policy is in line with the principles expressed in the Code of Ethics as well as the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Some Group data for 2022

• 25 women and 25 men in the administrative group
• 13 paintings of which 3 women and 10 men

Benessere dei dipendenti

We do everything we can to provide a safe and rewarding workplace for our employees and, at the same time, promote an ethical corporate culture that goes beyond regulatory compliance.
In addition to our commitment to making every working day healthy and safe, we have:

• Signed for Neodecortech an agreement of Result Award for the three-year period 2021-2023; agreement that provides for the possibility for the worker to convert the share due in welfare instruments, thus benefiting from an increase of 15% on the value of the premium. For 2022 we registered a membership of the Neodecortech welfare plan of more than 50%.

• Prepared a group regulation for the provision of scholarships to the children of employees for the period 2020-2022; our support to students in their education, training and education in 2021 saw the disbursement of 12 scholarships for a total value of about 10,000 euros;

• Recognised a token daily presence for the period from May to December 2020, in full pandemic. In particular, Neodecortech has prepared a company welfare plan to be able to provide this incentive, for a total of about 1,300 euros per employee, to be able to spend on welfare instruments accessible through a specially dedicated welfare platform;

• Activated a Group insurance policy for the years 2020-2021-2022 to cover risks related to pandemic influenza syndromes (i.e. Covid);

• Free of charge flu vaccines;

Among the tools made available for employees also includes support for those who need assistance in tax or social security, including for personal and family purposes and therefore outside the strict working environment:

• Application for the free lump sum allowance, on the farm;

• Model 730 elaboration in the company, at the cost of the worker;

• Free analysis of the pension position

Training and development

Improving the performance and engagement of our employees is a priority for us. A safe work culture, capacity building in terms of innovation and operational efficiency, the use of new technologies, as well as understanding of customers and markets will be key to our future success.

We invest in quality training as a tool for developing the transversal skills and professional skills of our resources, so that they operate safely, effectively and efficiently.
We provide training and professional growth paths aimed at the development of specific technical skills and soft skills. In 2022 the NDT group recorded 5180 hours of training. The training activities are carried out in a strategic and compliance perspective, aimed at the improvement and continuous growth of staff and can be traced back to two macro areas:

• Prevention and safety: the objectives are set by the standards, as well as defined according to the specific characteristics and realities of Neodecortech.

• Training and technical-professional updating of individuals and/or groups of employees: the objectives are defined by the Companies in relation to various training projects, provide personalized paths in relation to the profile of the employee and the job, vary in duration and complexity.

Neodecortech has also developed a technical training plan on the job aimed at new resources taken over the last three years: each junior resource is assigned to a specially appointed trainer who accompanies it in the path of professional growth. The trainer, often a senior figure over 50, plays a key role in developing the skills of the new resource. The commitment and efforts made in the activity of tutoring are recognized to the trainer, who, following a precise plan, receives an economic reward from the Company at the end of the training. Some numbers related to the NDT tutoring project:

• 29 trainers involved from 2019 to 2021
• 25.000€ bonus awarded to trainers


The Group continues its path of growth and transformation:

Employees at 31.12.2016
Employees at 31.12.2022




The recruitment of new resources has led to a general lowering of the average age of the company population:

Under 25

40-50 years range
50-60 years range









and raised the level of school farm:

Eighth grade