Seventh edition for the report of the Esg Observatory of Plus24-University of Milano Bicocca just published by Il Sole 24 ore, which monitors the sustainability of companies listed in Piazza Affari, and seven companies that have positioned themselves at the “excellent” level among the 136 who participated in the project.

Together with Fiera Milano, Italmobiliare and Sesa for the Star segment, Neodecortech is among the most performing based on the indicators developed this year by the departments of Economic and Business Sciences and Statistics of the university campus: 1. ESG awareness, 2. sustainability monitoring, 3. governance. A focus was also made on decarbonization strategies, the better known Scope 1, 2 and 3. A work that broadens and deepens the issues of the energy transition as well as the criticalities and benefits of sustainability.

Some hi-lights from the ESG Observatory report.

It is uneven the ability of companies to provide information with respect to Scope 1, 2 and 3 that is the direct emissions of the company (Scope 1), the indirect ones related, for example, to the purchase of electricity by the company (Scope 2), the indirect emissions of the value chain of the company, that is those of the suppliers (Scope 3).

The CO2 reduction strategies most commonly used by most companies include waste management, followed by renewable energy and electric vehicles.  Half of micro and small companies instead focus on circular economy projects.

Regarding green reporting, the main difficulties seem to be those relating to the updating of the frameworks, that is, the scheme to follow in order to draw up the sustainability report and the difficulty in following the too rapid evolution of legislation. On the other hand, there are significant benefits: improved relations with stakeholders – employees, suppliers, consumers-, a better reputation of the company and more efficient risk management. Not a small advantage for a company.

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