Our companies are deeply rooted in their territory. Over the years, we have implemented a series of initiatives to support local communities; we have identified with individual municipal administrations the projects that we contribute to support.


• Bosco della Memoria: between the end of 2020 and the beginning of 2021, the Group supported the initiative “Il bosco della memoria” in Bergamo, promoted by the “Associazione Comuni Virtuosi”. The project, which consists in the planting of 750 trees and shrubs, along with 1,300 square meters of pedestrian paths inside the tree-lined islands, is proposed as a reference place for cultural, educational and recreational initiatives of the community, simultaneously preserving the memory of the first months of the pandemic;

• Project “Adotta un’aiuola”: maintenance of the Park of Remembrance at the Municipality of Guarcino (FR).


• Project Kindergarten: economic support to the Municipality of Filago (BG) to reduce the monthly tuition fees payable by the families of the residents

• School Transport Project: economic support to the Municipality of Madone (BG) for the resident families of secondary school pupils;

• Project “Ti trasporto a pranzo”: economic support to the Municipality of Atri (TE) to support the needy families by allowing them to take advantage of transport and/or the school canteen, raising the exemption threshold for the payment of the costs of these services.


• Awareness of road safety with children aged 6-12 years in collaboration with the Association ASD Safe School, State Police and Municipality of Guarcino (FR)


• Financial contribution for the Gaetano Donizetti Theatre Association of Bergamo

• Purchase of a defibrillator for the Municipality of Filago