Technical information

Available in rolls:
maximum printing width 2240 mm
length 1520 mm, without repeats


LVT flooring and vertical surfaces


The product consists of a thin printed film coupled with a transparent protective layer. The high coupling resistance is guaranteed by a special machining process that avoids alterations of the physical characteristics of the film. The PPLF can be glued to the wooden support with hot melt adhesives for PVC. PVC (polyvinyl chloride) is added to pastifying agents, stabilizers, inert fillers, coloured pigments and flame retardants, to improve their physical characteristics (heat resistance, solidity and flexibility) and aesthetics (colour and light resistance).

PVC, once painted with UV resins, becomes a material with good mechanical properties and resistance to abrasion, wear, aging, chemical agents and attack of fungi and bacteria. It is water repellent and is particularly resistant to fire, presenting high ignition temperatures, low flame propagation and self-extinguishing.