The products of the MEL line consist of decorative papers impregnated with melamine or thermo inductive resins, intended for the furniture and decorative surfaces industry. The range includes products to be applied with finishing presses for chipboard or mdf panels in the versions MEL BP, MEL BP-HR, MEL BP-HG, MEL BP ANTISTATIC, MEL BP Antibacterial for low pressure, or to the production of hpl and cpl laminates in the MEL HP version. In general, the use of mel papers gives the coated surfaces special characteristics of resistance to abrasion, scratch and chemical agents. The MEL BP-HG version allows to obtain, by means of a press equipped with specific sheet metal, a gloss finish of about 100 (mirror gloss). The MEL BP-HR version, on the other hand, gives the coated surfaces greater wear resistance due to abrasion without using overlays and using a lighter weight balance.