Chemical Engineering and Architecture. What do they have in common?
The Politecnico di Milano took care of explaining the affinities between these two apparently distant disciplines with the exhibition “Scales of Trasformation”, set up in the renovated Guido Nardi exhibition space of the University and open to the public from 29 June to 13 October 2023.

Neodecortech is among the protagonists of the exhibition with some of its products and semifinished products, which clearly represent how some processes made available by chemical engineering – paints, polymers, mixtures – become functional for the production of commonly used elements in built environments and spaces that surround us.

The exhibition itinerary, organized into four sections and four transversal themes, aims to help understand the nature of the materials that make up the architectural artifacts and, with this, to suggest a reflection: man has always changed the world around him and with best intentions has tried to adapt it to its changing needs, which today require a more limited and efficient use of raw materials to ensure sustainable development. 

The latter theme is particularly dear to Neodecortech, which has joined the initiative by taking the opportunity to contribute to a dissemination project on topics of common interest and to underline its direct and concrete commitment in the field of sustainability.

SCALES OF TRANSFORMATION – Between Architecture and Chemical Engineering
Guido Nardi Exhibition Space
Via Ampere 2, Milan
29 June – 13 October 2023
Free admission