The Neodecortech Group has long applied the principles of circularity to the use of water, a precious and indispensable resource within its production cycles.

A virtuous approach that over time has achieved very important results especially for Cartiere di Guarcino, which uses water not consuming the resource, but simply using it in the paper formation process, and then filter it and return it chemically and organoleptically pure to the river Cosa from which it has taken it.

Today, even the Neodecortech headquarter in Filago has made progress in the process of re-use of the water, further enhancing the sewage plants already existing for some time.
Thanks to the innovative technological solutions implemented in the new installed system, the washing water resulting from the printing process is subjected to a chemical-physical process that makes it clean and usable again.
In fact, this water can be reused within other production processes, such as impregnation.

Currently, waiting to start the new impregnation line planned for the end of 2023, the new system is exploited at 50% of its capacity, with a recovery of about 1.000 cubic meters/year of the print washing water with the consequent absence of the same amount of water from the well. As soon as the new impregnation plant goes into production, the total recovery of the print washing water will be about 2.000 cubic meters/year, which would otherwise be disposed of in the public sewerage system.

Taking into account the total annual water consumption of the Filago plant, which is about 17,000 cubic metres, between well water and drinking water, 2.100mc of which are intended for impregnation, it is easy to understand how the advantage offered by the new sewage treatment system is twofold: less pure water to acquire and less waste water to be disposed of, with a clear and significant saving of this precious raw material.

This activity, like the recent achievement of the Group’s carbon neutrality, is part of the ESG Plan 2021 – 2023 and represents a concrete sign of what it means to apply the principles of the circular economy in terms of sustainability.