“Providing the interior design industry with high-end products enriched by a distinctive Italian flair” is the mission of Neodecortech, a 100% ‘Made in Italy’ company assembling three entities, different but integrated in the same production chain.

Printing trials check while working on the decors in Neodecortech Lab, printing cylinder.
Paper pick-up tambour at the end of the manufacturing process. Cartiere di Guarcino
Continuous-cycle paper machine, raw paper mixture. Cartiere di Guarcino
Neodecortech Printing division.

Three commercial brands for a single and strong fully Italian entity. Confalonieri, Texte and Plana: Neodecortech brands form a diversified and complete commercial offer, enriched by a typical Italian style.


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SICAM 2019

SICAM 2019

The exhibition stand of Neodecortech at Sicam 2019 confirms its strength, centred around architectural rigor and the multifaceted and engaging story of the company. Videos documenting informative insights are displayed on the sample panels, together with stylistic suggestions: an invitation for the public to learn more about the company and its products.

MF AIM Award

MF AIM Award


On 27th May 2019, Neodecortech received the award for the best 2017-2018 profitability growth among the largest companies, during the AIM Conference organized by the Italian Stock Exchange.


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Interzum 2019


The new decor collection of Neodecortech is the focus of the exhibiting space at interzum 2019: installed within a monolitic and rigorous frame, the samples, selected among the latest projects, are shown in lines as rigorous as playing cards; they alternate with insights of Neodecortech world, from visuals on the manufacturing capabilities to infographics on the key data of the company. A portion of the booth is dedicated to introducing Cartiere di Guarcino, the first and fundamental step in the production chain of the Group.


A collection of over 900 drawings in constant evolution, creativity you may explore within its wide variety of inspirations. 

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