“The Ink Kitchen of our company has transformed, in the last ten years, in a division where you can experiment and apply a modern approach to the world of colors: an internal laboratory dedicated to colorimetry, color theory and the use of high-tech tools and software.”

With these words, Luigi Cologni, CEO of Neodecortech Group, commented on the award of the EXCELLENCE AT WORK 2024 of Confindustria Bergamo to the team of “magnificent seven” – Giovanni Fiorentini, Riccardo Bonzi, Alexsandro Locatelli, Pasquale Fiorentino, Giorgio Cabibbo, Mirco Marconi, Elmahdi Zinoun – who make up the Ink Kitchen Neodecortech department, as part of the ceremony held last Friday, June 7, at GRES ART 671 in Bergamo.

The award was in fact meant to be assigned to a single worker, selected for the value of his contribution to the company, but Neodecortech has derogated from this rule, choosing to gratify an entire team, which, led by Daniele Paolati, “works every day with determination and in total synergy, as only a real team can do”.