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Confalonieri offers printed decorative papers, printed and melamine-impregnated papers and finish-foils mainly for the furniture, laminate flooring and camper/caravan segments.

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Confalonieri products


Printed decorative papers

DEC papers are printed decorative papers suitable for to the production of low pressure melamine chipboards, finish foils, edge-bandings, high pressure laminates and flooring. These decorative papers reproduce images of woods, marbles, granites, fancies and unicolors, through the engraving of cylinders and the rotogravure printing.

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Melamine papers for high and low pressure laminates

MEL products are decorative papers impregnated with melamine or melamine-urea resins, bound to be used by to the furniture industry. The range includes products suitable for laminating chipboards or MDF – type MEL BP, MEL BP-HR, MEL BP-HG, MEL BP Antistatic, MEL BP antibacterial, as well as for the production of laminates HPL and CPL - type MEL HP.
Generally speaking the use of MEL papers give to the coated surfaces special characteristics of resistance against abrasion, scratch and the assault of chemical agents. The types MEL BP-HG allows to get a 100 gloss finishing about (specular brightness) through a press equipped with a specific plate. The type MEL BP-HR gives the coated surfaces an higher resistance against abrasion, without using any overlay and with a lower grammage balancing paper.

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Finished and lacquered papers ranging from pre- to post- impregnated papers to edge-bandings

Impregnated decorative papers (with opportunely modified acrylic and ureic resins) and pre-impregnated papers belong to this category. These papers undergo a further treatment of lacquering or they are prepared to be varnished (lacquering versions).
Finish foils paper with high levels of flexibility, edge-bandings and pre-impregnated papers are part of this class too. FINISH papers are classified as follows: Finish Plac, Finish Cal, Finish Flex, Finish Bord e Finish Print.

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