The Association Furniture Pact, a model of sustainable management development for the Italian wood-furniture supply chain, promoted by the Sustainability Lab of SDA Bocconi School of Management, was formally established on February 23rd 2023.

Direct experience, concrete examples, good practices are put in common to become more sustainable and regenerative companies. An assessment methodology of value creation processes based on a specific analysis, which has resulted in a series of criteria and commitments for the improvement of its sustainability profile, that some companies in the sector have already signed and that others may subscribe in the future.

Neodecortech, which has been involved since the beginning in the definition of the model for the Furniture Pact together with companies belonging to the sectors of panels, the production of woodworking machinery and furniture, is now among the founders who have signed the charter of the Association, of which the CEO Luigi Cologni holds the role of President.

His comment: “The signing of this Pact is part for us in the journey towards sustainability already undertaken for some time and represents the opportunity to take further steps on a specific path for our industry. A common path that, enhancing the efforts of the past, can generate more value for the entire supply chain, the community and the environment”.