The Sustainability Report is the catalyst for all of our efforts on the vast front of sustainability, and gives us the opportunity to fully express the Group mission, focused on “the man, the environment, the quality of life, products and services offered to our clients”.

A constant commitment starting from the materials

Neodecortech aims to modulate its activity according to circular economy principles, the Group commits to put into practice sustainable procurement policies and to produce less waste possible, seeking to reuse or recycle them when possible, too.

Provenance of cellulose from certified forests


Cellulose reused and recycled from production waste


Efficiency in the production process


Towards the maximum reduction of environmental impact

The waste issue is managed with great attention, monitoring production processes waste and carefully evaluating and selecting waste transport and disposal companies.


non hazardous waste


hazardous waste







Energy management

CDG’s energy consumption, in the form of steam and electric energy, is entirely produced by BEG. From a circular economy perspective, BEG engines are fed with bioliquids, vegetable oil and animal byproducts. Since 2017, BEG only uses animal fat from Italian supplier as fuel, aware of the benefits deriving from a short supply chain.

With people in mind

Human resources are an essential and fundamental asset for a Company: people quality and competencies represent fundamental distinguishing aspects and contribute decisively to the competitive advantage.

Hours of training to employees during 2018


Full time permanent contract


Employees part of the company for more than a decade


On the territory actively

For Neodecortech donations are one of the instruments the Companies can use to actively contribute to the local community life, sharing success and difficult times. The donations range depends on territory characteristics and needs and can be purely of social or cultural nature. In the first case, for example: Neodecortech S.p.A. contribution to Filago Municipality, in order to create study grants intended for the most deserving students. In the second case: CDG donation for the Madonna di Loreto rural church external restoration and the Neodecortech S.p.A. contribution to Fondazione Donizetti di Bergamo.

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