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EOS Collection

EOS, the range of supermatt and anti-fingerprint products by Neodecortech for the world of interior design.
A new milestone in the field of high-end surfaces.


The products of EOS Collection:



The product consists of a thin unicolor or printed plastic film subsequently lacquered. It is a material with good mechanical properties and resistance to abrasion, aging, chemical agents and attack of funguses and bacteria. It is water repellent and particularly resist- ant to fire, thanks to its high ignition temperatures and low flame propagation. The special lacquering gives the surface a special soft-touch and anti-fingerprint effect.

Product technical sheet


EOS laminato


EOS laminato is obtained by laminating a special acrylic film with various layers of Kraft impregnated paper as a support, chosen according to the required thickness. Thanks to a specific curing technology, the acrylic surface of EOS laminato acquires extraordinary properties such as: anti fingerprint, high scratch resistance, light fastness, no bacterial proliferation, high resistance to solvents and chemical reagents. EOS laminato is a Phenol Free product, an additional choice for environment protections and consumers health confirming Neodecortech spa commitment toward the green chemistry.

Product technical sheet


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